How to acquire the best talent in the cyber security market

Employers need help to Identify, Acquire and Develop Talent

As industry requirements increase, employers are challenged to identify, attract and hire in an extremely competitive market. HFS works with employers to find employees who have the talent, experience and drive to succeed.

Service Offering

HFS provides a specialized placement service focussed on sourcing cyber security staffing to public and private sector employers. Our placement staff are experienced in the industry and understand the complexities of the market place.



HFS staff will work with each client individually to develop a recruitment program to meet their specific needs. Some of our clients are looking for a specific candidate to meet an immediate need. Other clients are looking for assistance across a broad spectrum of requirements.

  • Job Posting distributed through international channels

  • Candidate Matching

  • Skills and Gaps Assessments

  • Training Plans

HFS is working on an interactive always-on database application to better understand current metrics including new postings, skills and market concentration. HFS will use the results of this analytical tool to assist our clients in their hiring decisions.

Our Unique Value Proposition

HFS is uniquely qualified to assist our clients in identifying, acquiring and retaining highly qualified cyber security staff. This is our singular focus and we do it really well.

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