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Assistance for new graduates entering the cyber security job market


There is an undeniable consensus that industry, government and academia must come together to develop the next generation of cyber professional. In the context of “NOW”, there is an abundance of graduating students who have acquired the knowledge, skills and drive translate into great foundational components for a career in cyber security.

Service Offering

Through partnerships with industry associations and employers worldwide, HFS has created FIRST RECRUIT program to help connect young people with employers who are interested in giving them a start in the cyber security industry.

The new graduates who enroll in our program also enjoy increased access to our employer data base, and skills matching to published employer postings.


Our job candidates have access to unique tools and staff specialists with staffing expertise in the cyber security industry:

  • Free upload to Database

  • Opportunity to connect directly with employers from various industries worldwide

  • Skills matching to employer postings

  • Industry insights from leading experts

 “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together”

  James Cash Penney, founder of JC Penney

Our Unique Value Proposition

HFS provides a unique service to allow new graduates to enter the cyber security market. We support skills matching to employer postings, and allow candidates to connect directly with a large pool of potential employers.