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Program available for military veterans entering the cyber security industry


In May 2017, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) created a partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to assist military veterans to enter the job market. The goal was to help veterans use their military skills and training in apprenticeship job placements with leading Canadian public and private sector employers.


Through HFS’s partnership with CATA Cyber, we are committed to helping Canadian military veterans harness their skills and training to find fulfilling and challenging opportunities in the cyber security industry.

Service Offering

HFS has developed a custom program that is specifically designed to allow military veterans to find employment in the Canadian public and private sectors.

The program provides the features of other programs, and it is combined with training programs and coaching services designed for this important candidate segment.


Our job candidates have access to unique tools and staff specialists with staffing expertise in the cyber security industry:

  • Free upload to database

  • Opportunity to connect with employers from various industries worldwide

  • Skills and Gaps Assessment

  • Training programs – both free and reduced fee

  • Coaching services – interview and on the job

Our Unique Value Proposition

This program is unique and can be delivered through HFS’s partnership with CATA Cyber. This is an important program for HFS and we are committed to make it successful.